History repeats again

I didn’t find a decent signal on ZuluTrade yet. I was following for333, on a live account, because it seemed that he wasn’t acting like those who insisted to trade on the same direction when something goes wrong, but this is the situation:
He is gambling by trading in the same direction!
Every trade is without stop loss, so the disaster is guaranteed!

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  1. Well it seems that he was right , he already closed one of his position in profit , another one is green open , and the remaining 3 are slowly on their way to be profitable. People stop the panic , drawdowns are bound to happen.

    1. Well, when I started to use ZuluTrade, I didn't panic. I thought "hey, he is a professional, he knows what he is doing". Others that started this strategy and, while i was following them with real money, failed miserably are: ap_zulu, 30pips-something, gold max fx, gainersmx, high profit factor, forex cruise control.
      There can't be a 100% guarantee that the price will be back at the desired price. Without a stop loss, an overnight disaster might happen.
      That's why, when I see such behaviour, I become crazy.

    2. Moreover, consider that for this month, before acting like that, he was just 100 pip over the "payout zone", if he lost pips, he wont get the juicy commission from zulutrade, that's why he chose to gamble with our money.

  2. In the end no disaster happened , you have to expect dd as the last one with the current trader , after all his stats are clear , he has a max dd of 1k , your equity should be able to support it prior of copying this guy, risk managment is the key to success.

    1. Yes, no disaster happened, but it's clear that he gambled with our money in order to save his zulutrade commissions. This time he was lucky, I wonder how long he can last. Deleted.
      ZuluTrade is full of "successful" signals that suddenly fail miserably in one shot. (Other examples: vipro, co-fx, fly on the wall)

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