The price of protection

Some time ago I bought a scalper EA. Recently it has been cracked (partially, it doesn’t authenticate with the server and doesn’t download the right set file for the pair, giving to the pirate a big economic loss), hence its programmers decided to protect it with MQLLock, making it uncrackable (at least, in theory).
How are the performances? Awful! After I installed the update, encrypted with MQLLock, it uses a lot of CPU share!
I run twelve instances of this EA, so the problem it’s serious… this is the history graph of the CPU usage in the past week:
After I installed version 1.20 (the first to use MQLLock), everything gone bad! It also continues to run even when the market is closed! And it doesn’t only use more CPU, it does use a lot more RAM!
One gigabyte of memory for 6 graphs with 50 bars! It should use 35 times less!
I’m lucky that my server is oversized

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